Monday, January 17, 2011

Saving money by stretching some chicken

Organic chicken is pretty pricey where we live. It's about $6 for one package of thighs, which has about 8 pieces in it. Which is actually a much better price than the breasts, they are about double that. So I wanted to share with you a way I stretched out the chicken this week. We don't eat a ton of meat as it is, and I always cringe when I see chicken on my list (just for the cost). A normal chicken dinner we would use two packages of chicken. This week I bought two packages of chicken, but it wasn't just for one meal. I cooked it all up and put two pieces, chopped up, in chicken tortilla soup. Tonight I will use about 5 pieces for chicken and chile wraps. The rest is being used for sandwiches throughout the week. Where we live there isn't a big supply of organic, no nitrate lunch meat. We can get one very small package of organic sliced turkey for $6. That will make 3 or 4 sandwiches. With what I have left of the chicken I'll be able to make atleast 8 sandwiches. So 8 sandwiches and two meals came from my two packages of chicken. Nice!

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