Monday, February 6, 2012

Check out my guacamole football field

Just wanted to share a picture of the guacamole football field I made for a Super Bowl party yesterday. I saw a similar picture on pinterest and knew I had to make one! It's so easy too!
You just fill the center of your dish with guacamole and fill your end zones with some other dip. I chose salsa but you could also do queso or bean dip or whatever. Then using a frosting decorating bag, pipe on sour cream to make your field. If you don't have a frosting bag, you could use a zip lock bag (fill it with some sour cream and then snip off a tiny piece of a corner to pipe it on with). I placed a couple pieces of tomatoes around the field like they are players. Another idea I had that I would have done if I wasn't traveling with this was to take a baking sheet and cover it with colored paper, place the "field" on top and then place chips around the outside like they are the spectators. You could definitely do this for other sports parties too, make a baseball field, hockey rink, basketball court, etc. This is a great healthy option that's totally fun to bring to a party!

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