Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feels like forever...

We've had some good weather for hiking. Which usually means I'm lagging behind taking cool pictures =) I thought this hollowed out tree was really neat looking.

Feels like forever since I've posted and in reality it's only been two weeks! We've had birthdays, broken arms, everyday swim lessons for two weeks, everyday soccer camp for a week, the start of the baseball season, not to mention everyday stuff like trying to finish school for the school year, cooking, cleaning, housebreaking the puppy (NOT going well), and researching puppy training after said puppy broke the above mentioned arm....sigh. That reminds me to mention that vitamin C is not only good for when you're sick, but it's good to help aid in any healing in your body, including broken bones. Honestly, we've been lucky. With four kids, we've only had two broken arms, and they were both the same kid. Eek...reaching around to knock on every piece of wood I can find.

I have had no time to type new recipes unfortunately, though I have tons of pictures of them =) Not to mention I've been a fermenting fool! I have found the greatness and ease of fermenting and I can't stop fermenting everything! I think I have a problem, and my refrigerator would have to agree. Even though I've admitted I have a problem, I still couldn't stop myself from buying a head of organic cabbage at the grocery store a few days ago. I mean, come on, they don't always carry organic cabbage, I HAD to buy it right? Not only have I made sauerkraut, but I've also made a vegetarian kimchi (Korean sauerkraut, hubby was in Korea in the Navy), fermented salsa, different sauerkraut blends: cabbage carrot onion garlic, and cabbage jalapeno onion, and spicy sauerkraut with red pepper flakes, and cabbage onion garlic. I think that might be it. But, see, I really need to stop for awhile, my refrigerator can't handle any more jars! But you can look forward to some information and recipes on fermenting in the future!

As for tonight, for dinner I'm making Baked Chicken Parm Casserole Yum Yum! I'm trying it with a gluten free stuffing mix for the topping this time. I'm also about to whip up some Granola Bars. And...if I have time I want to try a raw date bar recipe I conjured up in my head...Hopefully it works!

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