Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pictures from our garden

I apologize for my hiatus but we've been busy enjoying the summer, beach vacation, amusement parks, purging the house (a late spring cleaning), family visiting, and last of all purchasing a house which is requiring tons of repairs to be done, taking up tons of time! For the first time EVER we have a successful garden. I have always had the brownest thumbs and plants just die when I look at them. This year I enlisted the help of the kids with weeding, planting, and watering and we have success! In addition to our planted garden, our berry patch is bursting with berries! It's all very exciting around here ;)

Here are some pictures:

A tiny strawberry


Corn is getting big!

Basil! My fav fresh herb!

Green tomatoes

Tons of tomato plants



Bright green frog camping out in our pond


Squash. Picked two today!

A view of the garden

Deep in the berry patch

Look, there's a little girl growing in the garden!
Lots of peppers!

Jailed himself

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