Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Essential oils and me

Essential oils seem to be all the rage lately. At first I really couldn't get into it. I mean, I'd been using a few essential oils for more than a decade but didn't really "know" a lot about any others. I used lavender in the shower, it was heavenly. I used tea tree oil in my cleaners as well as to treat wounds. I also used eucalyptus in the shower if someone was sick. I occasionally bought a few others for scents in lotion. But really, that was about it. About a year ago, a friend of mine really started getting into "oils". I appreciated that she was switching to a more natural way of life. I think that's wonderful, obviously. But have you ever had an ailment of some sorts and there's that person that says "You should use an essential oil". Uh, sure, what oil? And how? That's what I always thought. For years I just wanted to scream "I don't know what you mean by use an essential oil". Granted, I never took the time to look into it or pick up a book about it. After awhile, my friends enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I really wanted to learn more about oils. So I had her come over and teach a class to me and my friends. I knew I wanted to learn how to use them. So I purchased a kit. I bought into a wholesale account right away. It's nice when you purchase this kit as your enrollment purchase. You get tons of oils and you can immediately start purchasing at a wholesale price. Not to mention you can also start earning points for free products with your future purchases. So I got my kit in the mail and just kind of stared at it. Every once in awhile I'd find something to try the oils on but most things weren't really working for me. That was about a year ago. I now have a 2 month old baby (the reason for my HUGE hiatus, baby #5!!!!) I now look back and realize that my body was all out of whack and pregnant and I'm not sure anything would have worked on me. Granted, some pregnant women love using oils and it helps them a lot. Digestive blend is great for heartburn. I did use lavender a lot to help me sleep and it worked wonders! Now that I'm not pregnant and I have a lot more oil information in my brain, I'm finding more and more things are working for me. I use Joyful blend for a happy burst of energy. I use lavender on my self and my whole family. I even use it on the baby, diluted of course, when she is refusing to nap all day. Last time I did it she went down for a 3 hour nap!!! It was amazing! I have been using protective blend in our diffusers often. I have a rollerball of it for the kids to put on their feet. I have to say, this is the first winter that we haven't been taken down with some kind of sickness. Generally we are extremely healthy but atleast once over the winter (usually by now) we all get hit with something hard. I think between the protective blend and bone broth we've been consuming daily, that's kept us nice and healthy. Another example, suddenly felt really ill on two occasions and both times he put digestive blend on his belly and drank a drop of peppermint in water. Within minutes he felt so much better. That's what sold him =)

So all that being said, I would like to take some time here on this blog and help some of you out there to learn what the heck these "oils" are about. It is very intimidating at first. There are SO many of them. What do you do with them, where do you apply them, what if they don't work? I'll still be bringing you yummy recipes and health tips, but I will be adding in some information on oils too.

Let me start with protective blend and tell you how we've been using it. It has many uses, but the way we've been using it is to stay healthy this winter. I run it most days for a few hours in our diffusers. I also diluted it in a glass rollerball bottle for application to everyone's feet. So far this is working great for us! I also add a drop to coconut oil when we oil pull (Yes I said "we", even my kids oil pull!!!) This is supposed to help "heal" cavities. I don't know yet if that works, I'll report back. But if nothing else, I imagine that the oil is absorbing into our bodies for an extra dose of healthiness. 

If you'd like to learn how to get some great oils at a wholesale price, please contact me!

Please feel free to comment here with any questions or if there's a particular oil you'd like me to feature.