Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homemade Natural Carpet Cleaner (Spot Cleaner)

Along with the joys of having a new puppy, there's also housebreaking, and carpet stains...sigh. I've made carpet cleaner for my steam cleaner before, but never actually needed a spot stain-treater (4 kids...amazing huh?) I'm longing for the days when we had a house with all wood floors, boy were those easier to clean up messes on! Puking bug? No problem, wipes right up. Pet accident, no problem. Now...we have carpet. We are currently renting this green-colored-carpet house (I mean like dark green, very dark green, bla) while we are looking for a new house. So trashing the carpet is NOT an option! So not paying for that when we move out. Did I mention that getting a puppy was my idea? I've been begging for a puppy since last spring. What was I thinking? It's freezing outside. So we have to stand outside in the freezing cold and convince this tiny little puppy to go to the bathroom. Who eventually goes...and then comes inside and goes again, sigh. Then there's the weekends when we actually want to sleep in a little....and the little puppy says "NO" (hear: whine, whine, whine, whine, WHINE, WHINE, WHINE) until we get up. When we got the puppy, my sister-in-law said she would rather have twin infants than a puppy. Minus the twins, but I agree that somehow an infant is easier than this puppy. I run around trying to get things done while she's sleeping because I know there's no risk of her pooping behind the couch if she's asleep! Then there's the need to go to bed early, because the dog is already asleep and will be up nice and early. Of course there's meal time. She has to be restrained at meal time or she'll go potty on the carpet or harass us the whole time we're eating! Seriously, it's like having an infant without the joy of having an infant you brought into this world. But she's a sweetheart and will eventually be housebroken. Not to mention she'll get bigger and we'll miss the days when she's this little. As with when a child grows, we won't remember the hard times. Since this spot cleaner works so well, there won't even be any evidence!

Homemade Natural Carpet Cleaner (Spot Cleaner)
You need:
Baking Soda
White Vinegar
An old toothbrush or some kind of scrub brush
That's it!
Mix together a little baking soda and vinegar (how much you need depends on how many stains you have) If you have never mixed baking soda and vinegar together, be WARNED that it fizzes up like crazy, so do the mixing over the sink. Start with a little baking soda in the bowl and pour in a little vinegar at a time while mixing until you have a paste. Rub the paste on to the stain and scrub with toothbrush. Let dry. Rough it up a a bit and then vacuum. With our dark carpet the baking soda left a white mark but with a bit more roughing up it went away, along with the stain.

This is a natural stain remover and deodorizer that is safe to use around kids and pets, not to mention super cheap! As with any cleaner, test a small part of your carpet first. Also keep away from your eyes and face.


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  2. Very interesting - I've been looking at quite a few blog posts like this today as I have a particularly bad stain from a weaning baby on the carpet (my fault really!). I haven't ever done my own cleaning before, I'm not really your typcial housewife - my husband and I work quite a lot, but now I'm on my maternity leave I thought I might try a few of these ideas. I like natural, green ones best - good for baby, good for me and good for the carpets, rugs or anything else I'm cleaning. In the past, admittedly, Ive used carpet cleaning sutton coldfield professional companies, which you'll probably make fun of me for saying that's more my cup of tea :P I admire you and people like you for making this information available, I will share it on my Facebook, thank you!

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