Sunday, November 20, 2011

Juice fast day 1

This is my third juice fast this year and I thought I would blog about it. Why not share my pain...haha. It's really not that bad. From past experience, the first day is usually the worst. By the third day I feel like I can go longer. I've done 3 day juice fasts only because of the hecticness around here. Hmm, spellcheck says hecticness isn't a word, weird...though it also said "spellcheck" wasn't a word either...hahah! Spellcheck must be two works, but I really enjoy it being one word....maybe I should add it to the dictionary ;) So I always do a three day juice fast because I like to fast when we don't have too much going on so I can rest and take a nap during the day. But considering I have to make meals for the family, it's hard to not want to eat by the end of it. The last two times I fasted, I prepared meals ahead of time for the kids and hubby. That way, all I had to do was throw something in the oven and I was done. It worked out great! Well...this time, I had scheduled to start the fast next weekend, so I'm not prepared. Hubby is off for this week so I thought it would be a better idea to start his vacation with the fast (he's doing it with me this time!!!) rather than end his vacation with it. So on a whim this morning I said we should start! So no food is prepared for the kids, but we can tag team it since he'll be home. One of us can juice and one of us can make food for the kids. They'll be happy with sandwiches or pasta for a couple days =) Hubby decided to start the fast tomorrow instead of today. I really want to have a raw day after I'm done with the fast and he doesn't care. So I'll be done fasting on Tuesday, I can have a raw day onf Wednesday, and then Thursday is Turkey day! We'll go easy for Turkey day though, small portions. I'm considering starting a Lemonade cleanse next week, for ten days, but I'm not totally committed to that, we'll see. I've always wanted to try it.
So anyway, as for day 1...would have been better if we didn't have a field trip with the kids planned. But I feel good considering I didn't get to rest or nap all day. No headache. I think that's the first time I've juice fasted and not had a headache on the first day. Started the day with a smoothie, before I had decided to juice fast. So I'll probably go atleast half way through Wednesday still fasting. Then had two servings of carrot juice, spaced out. We were heading out for the day so I took a big jar of detox tea and a big jar of peppermint tea with us, and water of course. I got a little hungry but not bad. When we got home I had too much work to do to whip out the juicer and juice my dinner so I had two glasses of lemon water  (half a juiced lemon, water, and cayenne). Now I'm ending my day with some laxative tea and I'll head to bed. Overall, not a bad first day. Wish we hadn't been gone all day and I could have juiced more but I still feel good. On to day 2....

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