Monday, November 21, 2011

Juice Fast Day 2

Day 2 has gone well. No serious detox symptoms. Though on a recommendation, I drank a laxative tea last night and did a salt water flush (2 ts salt in a quart of water) this morning...ick, never again. I remember doing a salt water flush many many years ago...apparently I didn't remember it well enough. But for the juice fast...going well. Having a little trouble looking at Thanksgiving recipes but atleast I  have something to look forward to =) I'm feeling pretty good. My mouth is a little fuzzy, but as bad as it was last time I fasted. That's a pretty standard thing, just annoying.
After the awful salt water flush this morning, I had a large glass of fresh vegetable juice (carrot, celery, kale, spinach). Then prepared a glass of lemon water to have a little later, and a glass of detox tea. At lunch another glass of veggie juice, same as above but with some chard. Before dinnertime, more lemon water and a cup of peppermint tea. Dinner veggie juice (same as above but with beets added). If you juice beets, don't be alarmed when you go to the bathroom #2 ;) Then some more lemon water. I also decided to try something new. I was craving something with a savory taste so I had some herb broth, straining the herbs off after steeping for awhile. Now, as I'm getting ready to head to bed, I'm sipping on a cup of chamomile tea.
All in all, a good day! Good night!

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