Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Salt: Good vs Bad

White "poison" table salt
Not all salt is created equal. Over the years salt has been given a bad reputation, and for good reason. Table salt (sodium chloride) is one of the biggest causes of high blood pressure. Sodium itself is needed to stay hydrated. Sodium is the highest concentrated mineral in your blood, that's why blood tastes salty. It is needed for proper muscle function and balancing your body's PH level. It is something your body NEEDS.

Redmond RealSalt
A 2006 study published in The American Journal of Medicine tells us that “sodium intake of less than 2300 mg (the daily recommended allowance) was associated with a 37%  increase in cardiovascular disease mortality and a 28% increase of all-cause mortality.”

Sodium Chloride on the other hand is man made and un-natural. One good rule of thumb: if it was made by man, it is not good for you and will probably kill you. You only want to consume what God made.

Commercial salts contain over 30 synthetic chemicals. As with bleached white flour, it is also bleached with Clorox-type bleach.They also lack in minerals and cause acidosis (a low PH). Our bodies were created to function optimally with proper mineral and salt intake.

As well as high blood pressure it causes fluid retention, and kidney problems.

Any iodized salt has synthetic iodine in it. They only add the iodine because it's been refined and processed first. Yes your body needs iodine, natural iodine, not synthetic iodine. Synthetic iodine is a chemical, not a natural mineral.

Some sea salts are ok but you want to be careful that they are natural and un-processed, and not iodized. Plus you are at risk of environmental toxins from the ocean. Sea water usually contains more than 60 essential trace minerals, but most salt producers today remove these high-profit minerals and sell them to vitamin manufacturers. When they do this, the salt is left with a bitter taste which the salt manufacturer then masks by adding sugar and other chemicals. Check out your table salt label (which I hope you don't have) is there dextrose? Sugar!

They best salts to stick with are Himalayan Sea Salt and Redmond's RealSalt (harvested from ancient dead seas). If you have high blood pressure and water retention, switching to these products will probably make those problems go away. Salt CAN be bad for you, but real salt is actually crucial to health.

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