Saturday, April 10, 2010

Go Organic

Go Organic!

Your biggest challenge will be reading labels and understanding them. This is the hardest thing to get used to. Start with a few items to look out for and as you get used to spotting those, add a few more...eventually you'll be able to scan an ingredient list and know right away if it's ok to eat. Start with partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.

Changing your life is a hard thing to do for most. Take it slow if you need to.
This is the order I recommend you start with:
-Drink pure water with no chlorine or fluoride.
-Start with buying organically the produce highest in pesticides. Download
a handy guide to pesticides here
-Buy organic meat and dairy
-Buy organic/natural (but read the label) packaged foods. Packaged
foods should be kept to a minimum...but we all know in this day and age
it is hard to avoid.
-Personal Care Products. This is a really hard one but well worth it. Most
mainstream personal care products have carcinogens in them.
Deodorants have aluminum in them. Check the "Ingredients to Avoid" list.
Some brands I like: Burts Bees, Jason, Alba, Avalon Organics (check label
though), Castille Soap, Eco Bella (make-up)
-Cleaning Products. Commercial cleaning products are absolute poison!
They kill brain cells, even if they are just sitting in the cupboard waiting to
be used. They harm your lungs. They are very dangerous, and how many
people actually use gloves when using them?
7th Generation makes great cleaning products. I personally like to make
my own which is very cost effective and extremely safe.

-Avoid all medications. Use herbal and homeopathic "medicines". A great
book everyone should have is "Prescription for Nutritional Healing"

If you are driving along in your car and your oil light comes on you can
either unplug the oil light, or get an oil change...both things will make the
light turn off but obviously only one of those options is good for the health
of your car. Taking Tylenol for a headache is like unplugging the oil light.
It takes care of the symptom, not the cause.
-Do NOT use a microwave. Microwaves mutate the genetic composition of are what you eat =) They also put out electromagnetic waves.
Check out the warnings that come with microwaves that most people
don't bother reading.
-Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's).
Contains insecticides and pesticides which kill insects, so what are they
doing to you?
Attacks organs
Causes cancer
Causes viral and bacterial illnesses

Below is a basic list I made previously. These are in no particular order of importance. But all should be done eventually to live an organic life. Most are repeats of the above information.

-Read labels! Please visit our list of ingredients to avoid. Your best bet-if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it!

-Know your body care products. Most deodorants have aluminum in them which can lead to many health problems, including Alzheimer's. Shampoo's and anything that lathers may have sodium laurel sulfate. This is a cancer causing are parabens.
Castile soap is a good alternative. This can be used as shampoo, body wash, and even a veggie wash. This is great to take camping because it is so versatile. You can find Castile soap in a variety of scents.

-For Women - Don't buy mainstream cosmetics. They contain cancerous and harmful ingredients. You are putting these chemicals in dangerous areas - your eyes, mouth, nose. Think about lipstick and how you can lick your lips all day and ingest it. Know what's in your makeup, read labels. Brands such as Burts Bees seem to generally be safe, but still check the label. Many health food stores have a nice a selection in safe cosmetics.

-Avoid dyes in food and medicine. One major problem with them is they cause hyperactivity in children.

-Avoid these "Whites":
Bleached white flour
White refined sugar
White iodized salt

-Avoid pasteurized dairy products. This isn't always the easiest thing to do, but well worth it. See our article on pasteurization.

-Avoid all hydrogenated oils. This is on our "Ingredients to Avoid" list, but well worth mentioning on it's own. Read our article on "Hydrogenation".

-Eat an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables. This is the best way to get a variety of live vitamins and minerals. Your body will thrive on raw food.

- Only eat organic meat, produce, and dairy products. Sustainably grown is good, if it's a reputable farm.

-Steaming vegetables is the best way to cook them, it retains the
most amount of vitamins. Though raw is always best.

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