Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ingredients to Avoid

This list will continue to be added to as needed.
A good rule to follow when reading ingredient labels...if you can't pronounce it, don't buy it.

-Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
-High fructose corn syrup
-Bleached flour
-Iodized salt
-Pasteurized or homoginized dairy products
-Commercial dairy products and meat
-Commerical pesticide riden vegetables
-Refined white sugar
-Modified food starch
-Food dyes
-Canola (rapeseed) oil
-MSG (this can go by many other names!)
-Genetically modified food

The following would only be in personal care products. If you find them in food, Augh, don't eat it.

-Propylene Glycol - antifreeze. causes liver and kidney damage. (These are in some food dyes too and medications)

-Sodium laurel/laureth sulfate - skin irritant. Reacts with other ingredients to form carcinogenic nitrates and dioxins. Your body will absorb this upon use. You are exposed to 50-100 X more nitrates using a product containing this than you would consuming bacon with sodium nitrate. Enters the brain, heart, and liver and impairs the immune system, eye and skin irritant, and allergic reactions.

-Aluminum (made both lists)- Suspected link to Central Nervous System dysfunction like Alzheimer's.

-Mineral Oil - derived from petroleum. Suffocates the skin, clogs pores. Possible carcinogen.

-DEA, TEA, MEA - Carcinogen

-Titanium dioxide -Carcinogen

-Collagen and elastin - derived from animal skin and chicken feet. And if that wasn't enough, over moisturizes skin, and has the ability to make bacteria grow.

-Formaldehyde - may be listed as formalin. Absorbed into the body and can cause allergic reactions, headaches, and asthma. Mostly found in nail polish. Look for nail polish labeled formaldehyde-free. Suspected carcinogen. Neurotoxin.

-Talc - doesn't allow skin to breathe. Linked to ovarian cancer. Carcinogen when inhaled....found in baby powder. In the lubricant on condoms...can cause fallopian tube fibrosis and infertility.

-Fluoride - environmental toxin. May contain lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, radionuclide. Bone disease. Carcinogen.

-Fragrance, Synthetic - when listed as "fragrance" on a label this can include 100's of chemicals. Some have been found to be neurotoxins and carcinogens.

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