Friday, April 16, 2010

Rocky the Rooster

I cannot believe I'm being bullied by a rooster. What does this have to do with organic and natural living...well they're organic free range chickens of course!
So we have this rooster, Rocky. He's beautiful. But in the last few weeks he's made me his prey. Why? I have no idea! I walk outside and he makes a bee-line for me. He'll get about 10 feet away and stop and pretend he's eating, pecking at the ground. Meanwhile I can see his beety little eye staring at me. He'll fluff up his neck feathers, come a little closer to me, stop and peck at the ground some more. This goes on and on until either I walk away (um, I mean run...yes I run from a chicken) or he gets close to enough to actually attack me. He throws himself at my leg and before he can do any damage I boot him and run.
Often I'll look up from what I'm doing and I'll see him standing outside the side door staring in at me. It's just seriously creepy!
Earlier today, the chickens were roaming around the yard and I went out to collect eggs from the coop. There were a couple dozen so it took me a few minutes. I step out of the coop and who is standing about 5 feet from the coop door? Rocky! Augh, seriously, how did he even know I was out there! He starts doing his "I'm about to attack you" dance (pecking, looking, fluffing feathers, getting closer, etc) So I head off into the woods. Then I realize I don't want to try to jump over a creek holding two dozen eggs. So I lure Rocky one way and then run around a tree and go the other way. As I'm heading over the bridge, I turn around, and he's actually RUNNING after me. Granted, I can run a heck of a lot faster than a rooster, but that really freaked me out! Yes I got safely back in the house without him actually attacking me, this time.
To quote Rachael Ray "If I had to actually go out and catch them and do you-know-what to them, I'd be a vegetarian" Totally my motto...but Rocky is very close to becoming dinner!

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