Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh no!

I had a bunch of storage tubs that needed to be cleaned, so they were taken outside to hose down. I leaned them against some bushes so they would dry. Well after a week or so of wind and rain I realized they would probably do better in the garage because they just were never going to dry outside. Not to mention they were being knocked around by the heavy winds, and it just looked cruddy with storage tubs all over our yard. So one by one I took them into the garage. I went to pick up one that was upside down on the ground, the wind had knocked it off the bush I assumed....and when I lifted it up a chicken ran out of it!!!! I screamed! We had "lost" a chicken a week before but assumed, like all the others, it had been eaten by a fox. The poor thing had been trapped in this storage tub for a week! She laid one egg and then probably went on to conserve her energy. Luckily with the rain, there were puddles of water under there to drink, and bugs in the ground to eat. If it weren't for that I probably would have found a dead chicken when I lifted that tub!

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