Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tip for cutting onions without crying

I've noticed some people can cut onions with no problem. Then there's those of us that have a tears streaming down our face while we desperately try to keep ours eyes open so we don't cut off our fingers. Yep, that's me. It's so bad sometimes that I have to walk away for a few minutes to let it pass because I'm seriously concerned for the safety of my fingers. Then come back, chop again really quickly and hopefully be done...or not, and have to repeat walking away again. I have noticed that red onions are considerable worse than white and yellow. So here's my tip...and no, it's not putting it in the freezer, that so did NOT work for me, ever....

Put a spoon (metal) in your mouth before you start chopping. From my experience, I say go for a small spoon. The big ones tend to make me gag if I leave them sitting in my mouth for awhile. It honestly works for me. I can't guarantee it'll work for you, but try it! The other day I was chopping onions, without a spoon in my mouth, tears streaming of course, and my husband (who stood there staring at me the first time he saw me do this not knowing what to say or if he should ask) came up and shoved a spoon in my mouth and it stopped the burning! I still had a little tears since it had already started but the burning was completely gone, and the tears were definitely not bad, I could see, no finger-loss danger.

Give it a try, let me know if it works for you! Have any other tips...post them here!

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  1. I seriously remember when you first tried this, I was visiting. I am amazed that it works!


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