Monday, January 30, 2012

Compost Crackers Fail and Natural Odor Eliminator

Compost Crackers (using pulp from juicing to dehydrate and make crackers)-I've seen others make them but have never actually seen a recipe for them. For as long as we've been juicing I can't believe I've never tried this before! Normally I give the juicing pulp to our chickens...who look at it, and then look at me with a "Pulp again, seriously?" kind of look. The roosters rustle their feathers, coc-a-doodle at me, and get in a fighting stance. So using the pulp for another use would be a blessing to my relationship with our flock! But sadly, they didn't turn out well. After 5 patches (I was doing a juice fast and had a ton of pulp to play with) I finally got a few batches that was thick enough it didn't crumble when you picked it up and even though I heavily seasoned them, they didn't taste very good. All the kids tasted them and spit them out. I took a bite and had a hard time swallowing them. Not to mention, with all these batches in the dehydrator for something like three days straight, the house smelled horrid! I had our air purifier going on high and still the smell knocked you out when you walked in the house. Then sitting at my oldest sons wrestling practice, I could still smell them. My jacket had absorbed the smell. I couldn't even stand to smell myself!!! My jacket is the first thing around the corner from the kitchen, so it got the worst of it. It made me realize how much I love dehydrating fruit and sweet smelling foods, it makes the house smell so nice. So I went on a mission to de-funkify the house. First, I tossed all the crackers outside for the chickens...maybe, just maybe, the won't notice it's pulp in a cracker form =) Then I wiped out the inside of the dehydrator in case there was even one little smelly crumb. Which now brings me to my homemade natural air freshener/odor eliminator. Commercial air fresheners just mask the smell, they don't eliminate it, meanwhile floating all sorts of toxins and chemicals through the air you breathe. A simple combination of water and vinegar will do the trick just fine! Maybe I'll try saving the pulp to try veggie burgers some time, though I'm not super hopefully that will be any good either!

Natural Odor Eliminator-Air Freshener
1 part white vinegar
5 parts water
Spray bottle

Mix the water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray. That's it! For REALLY tough jobs you can do a 2:1 or 1:1 combination if you wish. For everyday use the 5:1 ratio will work fine.

I also did this:

Natural Kitchen Deodorizer:
Place a pot of water on the stove. For every cup of water you have, put 1 tb of white vinegar in. Cook on medium for about half an hour. Remove from heat and let it sit there. The smell of vinegar will disappear with the food smell. This worked WONDERS in my kitchen to remove the compost cracker smell.

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