Monday, January 23, 2012

Produce codes (PLU)

Have you ever wondered what those codes mean on the little stickers on your produce? If you haven't, you should! It's a quick way to know if your produce is commercially grown, organic, or genetically modified. I actually just chuckled to myself that genetically modified produce is always labeled (so if you see one, RUN AWAY!!!) but if packaged foods contain genetically modified ingredients, they don't have to label it, yet. Californians are trying to pass a law that all genetically modified products be labeled. If it passes in Cali, I suspect more states will follow suit, Yay! Anyway...back to the produce codes:

Commercially grown: 4 digit number
Organically grown: Add a 9 in front of the 4 digit number, making it 5 digits
Genetically modified or GMO: Add an 8 in front of the 4 digit number, making it 5 digits (Though this is at "grocers discretion", so you're best best is to find the produce with organic codes to be certain it's not gmo)

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