Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet our new white boxer puppy, Lacey!

 Meet our new white boxer puppy, Lacey! You know, I really thought with 4 kids that the sound level in our house was pretty high. Our kids are very well behaved but kids are kids and still have to let off steam and energy. I cherished nap time for the lack of noise and being able to hear my own thoughts. Well, take 4 kids and add an 8 week old insane puppy and the noise level is unbelievable!!! Then there's nap time, Lacey spends a good amount of time whining because she misses the kids! I think I need a good pair of ear plugs =) Then there's the fact that she likes to grab on to kids pants and get dragged around. Abbie, who is 2, is not a fan of that. So not only is the sound level increased, Abbie is whining and crying on top of it because the dog won't let go of her! Though she is a cuddly mound of cuteness and will only be a puppy for so long and we are enjoying every moment....just can't wait until she's housebroken =)
Bundle of cuteness
No pictures please!

Shhhh...I'm sleeping

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