Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reuse your green onion ends

How many times have you thrown away the white end of your green onions? Yeah, me too. Until I learned that you can take those white ends with the roots, put them in water, and they will grow back!!!(I love Pinterest!) How cool is that??? I was SOOOO super excited when I learned this! I use a lot of green onions so this is wonderful for me! Maybe you're not as excited or don't use as many....but it's still a useful tip. Even if you only use green onions occasionally, go ahead and throw those suckers in water and they'll be waiting for you the next time you need them. It might even encourage you to use them more often =) Within a couple days of putting them in water you'll see them start to grow.  Within two weeks they will be fully grown!
Here, check out my pics:
After a couple days

About 6 days

9 days!!! Giddy, jumping for joy!

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  1. That is really cool! Might need to try sometime


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