Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great water bottles!

With all the cruddy plastic and metal bottles out there, it's hard to decide what to use for water on the go. If you must use plastic, find a #2 plastic bottle. As for metal, that's a really hard one. We used to use Sigg bottles...and then they were recalled for having bpa in the lining on the inside! Ugh! You think you're buying a safe bottle and it turns out it's anything but. They did replace the bottles with new ones that supposedly don't have bpa in the lining. But I'm still skeptical on the safeness of them. If water sits in the them for more than a day (which they recommend you not do anyway) it gets a funny taste. So I only use my Sigg bottles if I absolutely have to. I found a while back these bottles: They are glass bottles, totally safe, no leaching. They are wrapped in a silicone sleeve for easy gripping and protection. I've dropped one of these on concrete and it didn't break. Though...I dropped mine at a museum this past weekend...on a glass floor, and the bottle shattered. So they are not indestructible. I stand behind that glass is the best option, unless you're somewhere that doesn't allow glass (amusement parks and such). Plus these bottles are really neat looking =)


  1. Lifefactory bottles are our favorite! My husband and I use the 22-oz size, our middle boys use the 16-oz size, and our youngest son and daughter use the 9-oz size! We have yet to break one (knock on wood), even after several drops, but I have to say that we've never used one on a glass floor! We like the bottles so much that we've been selling them since last year. We have a little business and only sell products that we use and love. I just wish Lifefactory would hurry and get sports tops for the bigger bottles. :)

  2. We've dropped ours many many times without them dropping. But apparently the glass floor was a bit too much for it to handle. My new one should be coming in the mail in a few days =)


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