Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl Menu Ideas

Super Bowl is this weekend! Those that don't care about the game are generally just watching for the commercials and the food, right? Make it a Non GMO and organic menu and you'll feel good about your all game grazing!

Stuffed baby peppers
Layered bean dip
Spicy queso
Copycat Baja Salsa
Guacamole eggrolls
Baked jalapeno poppers
Veggie Sushi Rolls
Guacamole football field
 Mango guacamole

Whole wheat crackers
Sour cream and onion kale chips
Raw onion crackers

Sweet and spicy nuts

 Granola Bars
 Chocolate sunlower butter krispy treats
 Banana crumb muffins

Vegetarian chili
Fresh mozarella pesto grilled cheese

Texas cheeseburgers

Stuffed hot peppers

Enjoy the game!

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